Monday, July 30, 2012

SOFY Free Trials Giveaway

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Share your preferences with us!We would like to understand you better. Please tell us more about yourself and your preferences. In return for your time, we will be giving away 500 free packs of Sofy! 100 winners will be selected every 2 weeks. So hurry, share with us now.

Winner selection dates:
1st round - 19th July to 1st August 2012
2nd round - 2nd August to 15th August 2012
3rd round - 16th August to 29th August 2012
4th round - 30th August to 12th September 2012
5th round - 13th September to 26th September 2012

*Limited to Malaysian females.
*1 pack per household only.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


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Miss Gorgeous Eila Ratu buat 2-in-1 GA
Come and join me by clicking HERE.

Pendapat tentang blogsite Miss Eila Ratu:
Super cute and laju je nak loading.
Cuma, kalau tak ada lagu pun tak apa kut.

O man. I'm not this kind of girl like you my gorgeous Ratu;
cute, sassy, fashionable etc.
Tak ada picture cantik-cantik pun.
Setiap hari, saya pakai baju kurung dengan tudung hitam. Tudung hitam sahaja, tak ada tudung lain sebab saya ada 11 helai tudung hitam yang sama corak, batu-batu whatsoever.
..akan tetapi..saya rasa paling cantik bila jadi pengapit orang pengantin. 
Ni kira fashionista ke?

Jenama Kegemaran?
Jenama baju ke? Paling mahal saya pakai baju Tesco. Nak lagi mahal, uniform Pharmacy=Kain+Upah jahit pun mahal juga.
Tapi saya suka makan KFC. Eh, itu jenama ke?

Kos Bershopping?
Shopping Baju ke? Personal stuff ke?or shopping Makan?
Baju: RM200 setahun
Personal stuff: RM100/month
Makan: RM250/month

Jenama yang saya ingin miliki?
Saya nak Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. Saya tak ada handphone.

Tarikh tutup: 31 Julai 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dermalogica: Free Travel Size Daily Microfoliant

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Dermalogica is giving away
Free Travel Size Daily Microfoliant

Get Naked with Dermalogica

While some people are blessed with great skin,
most others have to work towards it.

To help you on your personal journey towards clear and radiant skin
Dermalogica invites you to “Get Naked” with them,
literally, to strip off all the make up, dirt and grime covering your skin
and to share your real skin concerns with Dermalogica

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Maggi: Free Mi Goreng Samples

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Maggi is giving away MAGGI MI GORENG
before they hit the stores
What’s new with MAGGI MI Goreng!
The delicious MAGGI MI GORENG is made from the goodness of wheat flour
making it a great source of Protein
Simple share and register your details and they will deliver the free Maggi Mi Goreng to your doorstep
Terms and Conditions:
Sample will be delivered via courier mail. Please provide address based on availability for receiving parcel and sign off purpose.
Samples are limited to first 3000 signups

Monday, July 2, 2012

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